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A Bar, Midnight in New York, 2018
Rene Magritte from Schaerbeek, Marcel Duchamp from Paris, Sunyoung Lee from Seoul, Oscar Wilde from Paris.
SL: Why did you write “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” after paint a pipe?
RM: Who said it’s a pipe?
SL: It’s a pipe, 파이프, pfeifentabake, pijp…and maybe (draw heart mark)
RM: Come on…You've already known my answer. Do you paint paintings in your studio?
SL: Yes but no. I try not to paint. Duchamp, you?
MD: You know…I quit painting a long time ago. Let’s play chess instead of talking about boring paintings!
RM: Let’s say the game of chess is a painting, and let’s play.
OW: Talk about a play or playing the game? Anyway, I agree that let’s not talk about art. When bankers get together they talk about art. When artists get together, they talk about money.
SL: (wearing a fake smile) Hey, I quit a banker job 8 years ago. So should I talk about art or money? Or English literature?
MD: No, No, It was a perfect choice. Let’s play chess and fall in love with life. (holding a wine glass)
Eros, C’est la vie!
OW: Sure, Love is always the best resource. It put me in jail for two years, though. (shrugging his shoulders)
SL: Ok. Have fun. I’m going to my studio.
MD: Come on..Don’t go. You don’t need to paint to be a real artist!
SL: I won’t. I will write, build, wear, count numbers…
OW: For money or love?
SL: Do I look like a writer, painter, or banker?
MD: No. This is interesting… Rene changed the identity of an object, from chess to painting; Sunyoung is playing with her professional identity …. How about this? Please call me Rrose Sélavy from now, I just changed my gender!
RM: Remember, you’re not a painter, but you are.
SL: Yes, only for Eros!
MD, RM, OW: C’est la vie! (cheers)
                                                                          - excerpt from the Prologue  --"This Is Not a Painting/Post Modernism and Painting: For the Humanity" by Sunyoung Lee

Photography by Zachary Krahmer 


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